Teachers need to be more challenging with students


I feel like teachers to not challenge the students enough then what they really do need to work on that. Honestly think every teacher needs to test the students on every subject no matter what they are in they should be tested once a week to see what they have learned. I feel like teachers let kids pass with the easy test they need to make there brain think more. Finals in high school they need to make it harder then what it already is some teachers are ok but not every teacher challenges there brain and it’s a problem because kids not learn and be the easy stuff. Please understand students need more challenges in life do not make everything easy… it’s like come on make them use there brain🙂


Understudies should be tested to empower their learning. Applying challenge practically speaking, be that as it may, isn’t direct. Testing understudies may struggle with other showing duties, making potential predicaments for educators. Coursework Writing Service This examination reveals issues educators experience while testing understudies and also the contemplations going with their real decisions for activity when adapting to these quandaries



Teachers need to mobilize students, whether within classrooms, schools, and on campuses.

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