Mac PollEv Add-in not working


Hi everyone!

I am new to Pollev and I am trying to use the Mac Add-In. However, I am getting the following when I open the presenter and not the multiple buttons as shown in guidance video. Would love to get your help on how to fix this. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Katoch,

Welcome to Poll Everywhere. Our support team would be happy to help troubleshoot your Mac PPT issues. Would you be able to email them at

The Poll Everywhere presenter app for Mac needs to be running (and you logged in) while you are presenting the polls in PPT. I can’t tell from the screenshot, but you may have a button at the bottom right of that window named “insert.” Select the polls you want to add to your presentation then hit insert. This will insert poll slides directly into your presentation.

We look forward to resolving this issue for you.