How Poll Everywhere Enhances Radiology Education


Poll Everywhere has had an amazing impact in the delivery of my radiology education. I teach a varied audience, including medical students, junior doctors, radiographers, physician assistants and radiology trainees. The audiences I teach are usually in groups of between 25 and 100, and are reluctant to shout out answers. Mobile phone and tablet ownership and usage is almost universal; therefore using Poll Everywhere seemed a natural fit.

I can only upload one image with this post so I have added a collage at the end of the post, but this video on my YouTube channel explains it all in detail.

I use two projector screens, with my slideshow running on one, and the poll showing on the second screen. This is so that the audience can see the radiology image I am asking about on one screen, take the poll on their device, and see the answers on the second screen.

I always start with two test polls to make the audience familiar with the polling tools, and to start creating a buzz in the room. Typically, I’ll have sent the link to the poll site a few days beforehand, but put it up on the screen again. I then use a multiple choice poll to ask them what type of phone they have, and a clickable image poll to ask them which of the two major sports teams from our city they prefer (Foxes or Tigers, both from Leicester).

For the rest of the session, I use the range of polls that Poll Everywhere offers. I will put up a radiology image such an X-ray or a CT or MRI image, and ask them a multiple choice question on what the diagnosis is, and then show them the correct answer. I may put up an image and ask them to enter the diagnosis as free text, displayed as a word cloud or ticker.

I have really enjoyed using the clickable image poll type and it is very well suited to radiology images - I just put up an image and ask them to click where they think an abnormality is. This way I can get dozens of answers at the same time instead of calling out one person to come to front of the room to show us where they think the abnormality is - such a bonus to engage the group as a whole.

I find that there is universal engagement in the quizzes, and it creates a real buzz amongst the students. The first time that I activate a poll, the look on their faces when their screen shows the poll is priceless. But then when they see the word cloud forming or the bars in the bar charts moving, it is truly amazing.

I recently did a teaching day in Sydney and used Poll Everywhere in my final session, and the feedback was quite revealing in just how engaged people feel when they can use this type of technology. I’m working on editing my slideshow to have the image and poll display on the same page so that I can adapt my talks to rooms where there is only one projector screen.

If you teach radiology or radiography, you must try using Poll Everywhere - it gets the whole group engaged instantly and provides instant anonymous feedback.

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Poll Everywhere has had an amazing impact in the delivery.

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