Game: Gut or Group?


I love using the Clickable Image Question Tool in PollEverywhere to get kids thinking. We play a game called Gut or Group where students have to decide “Who Said It” and whether they will go with their gut or the class consensus.

I have always played a similar version of this, projecting or stating a quote from a Civil War VIP and then asking the kids “Who said it?” but this version works so much better as the kids have time to think, can see what classmates selected and can either go with the class or go with their gut! Here is a sample to show you what I mean. In this class the group was not at all correct! The quote is a U.S. Grant quote but the class chose Stonewall Jackson. This provided a great platform for an engaged class discussion.

To create this game, I made a collage of 8 different historical figures so that I had several portraits in one image. After I uploaded the image, I selected each portrait to be its own “region.” This image can be reused for each poll so you will only have to make the initial image once.

Each poll question was a different quote by one of the historical figures included in the collage.

When using the poll, I selected Show Click Regions and Show Click Markers in order for the students to see where everyone was clicking. I like this because while the students can see how the group voted, they still have anonymity. An alternative could be to not show the clicks until after all students have made a selection.


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