Example post: Cook-off judging survey


I used a survey to judge our first company-wide kebab cook-off at the 2016 Summer Retreat.
Here’s how it worked:

I prepared a survey with nine multiple choice questions, one for each award category. The questions went like this, listing each of the six teams as answer options every time:

The six teams prepared at least one type of kebab, enough for everyone, doing all the shopping, prepping, and grilling on their own.

They served the kebabs to everyone else, as soon as they were ready, before the 7 pm deadline.

At 7:15, I activated the survey, and sent everyone to my pollev.com/cookoff voting page.

Everyone voted.

Two or three minutes later, I read off the winners of each category (in bold) from an Executive Summary report on my laptop, and we passed out the ribbons to the winners as everyone cheered.